The History of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Carl Hamilton is among the youngest F1 champion in the sports history. He was

The History of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Carl Hamilton is among the youngest F1 champion in the sports history. He was born on 7th January 1985 at Stevenage-Hertfordshire to Anthony Hamilton and Carmen Larbalestier. His parents migrated to the UK from Granada in 1950s but unfortunately they separated when Lewis was two years and thus he had to live with her mother as well as step sister. He began motor-racing at a very young age.

In the year 1993 at the aged of eight (8) years, Lewis started go-kart racing. He was still in John-Henry Newman School. At the age of ten (10), Lewis had already won the British Karting Championship and met his current boss Ron Dennis. For three (3) years consecutively, that is from 1998 to 2000; he had won the European as well as the world Karting titles. At the age of fifteen (15), Lewis was coronated as the Karting-World Number one.

The History of Lewis Hamilton

In the year 2001, at the age of sixteen (16), He raced in the British Formula Renault Winter Series after attending sixth-form at Cambridge Sciences and Arts where he finished the 5th overall in spite his crashing in the third race. In the year 2002, Lewis took part in the Formula-Renault 2000 UK series alongside Manor Motorsport. He competitively finished 3rd in final standings but with three (3) outright wins. Hamilton won the championship in the year 2003. In this year, he also made his debut in Formula Three (F3) by racing the season finale. Later in 2004, he also took part in Korea Prix and Macau Grand Prix racing. In 2005, Hamilton won fifteen (15) of the twenty (20) rounds. The Autosport in its list of drivers ranked him at number twenty-four (24). Lewis later joined Fernando Alonso at the end of the year 2006. He went ahead on to win GP2 championship by beating Racer Timo Glock.

He became the youngest motor racer ever to top in the driver’s championship by exploding on to Formula one (Fl) scene with finishing 2nd in his first scene in the year 2007 at Australian Grand Prix. Lewis won his 1st Grand Prix in Canada. During his next season in 2008, he won the Formula one (F1) championship at the age of twenty-three (23). He victoriously won this championship in the final race of that season. This victory narrowly pipped him to the post in the BBC sports personality of the year award.

In the year 2009, Lewis only won two (2) races but in 2010, he was more successful since he finished 2nd behind Sebastian Vettel in the World Championship table. In 2011 season, he finished 5th in the World Championship rankings. This season was very disappointing but 2012 season made his racing career worth it. He came 1st at Hungarian Grad Prix and won the Canadian Grand Prix for the 3rd time. He ended this season by winning in Texas.

In the year 2013, Lewis went ahead to sign a contract with Mercedes-Benz for three years. He became the 1st British driver to win using a Mercedez by winning in Hungary. This victory was his only win in this year since he finished fourth in another race. 2014 season came with a lot of success for Lewis. He was first in this season the same case in the year 2015. Hamilton is currently racing for Mercedes (McLaren) team.

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