formula one

  • Formula one is very famous among car race fans. Formula one British Grand Prix was started in the Silverstone city in Northampstonshire in early 1950. The city was chosen because its runways and taxiways were damaged throughout the Second World War, which was the perfect track to challenge themselves with. Modifications were later made on the tracks as the grand prix gained momentum and popularity as one of the drivers. Today, major upgrading continues to be done on the tracks. The game has become a major activity with Silverstone or in Britain, but additionally in the rest of the world.

    Britain wasn’t the initial inventor of formula one British Grand Prix. The united states and France were the original Formula One racers. However, Britain was able to overtake the formula one titles, which is home to all major racing events. During the first competition in 1950, an Italian-Giuseppe Farina was crowned the winner.

    Formula one started in the middle of the 20’th century. In fact, it all started with the European Grand Prix Motor Racing, which gathered contestants only from the European continent. This time the Formula One competitions spoke to competitors from all around the world. Each time 24 contestants and 12 teams compete in the single seaters race the same way they did the first time in the United Kingdom at Silverstone. History of Lewis Hamilton is also worth reading for increasing knowledge about formula one racing.

    The history of formula one

    If the European races took place in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the Formula One gathered the contestants for the first time in 1950. This was because a set of rules had to be established first. The rules were so precise and strict that the competition had to be named Formula One because it followed a clear formula. FIA only allowed the contestants and the cars who were the best ones in the world, but who also met the conditions imposed by the regulations.

    Since the Formula One race became so famous in such a short time, the year 1958 came with a new test for the constructors. The most powerful road car manufacturers tried to prove that their cars were the best ones. The first one who managed to prove his supremacy over the other contestants was Giuseppe Farina, who competed against Juan Manuel Fangio for the leading position. Afterward the latter set a world record for the most Formula One competitions won in his career, but was replaced by the famous Michael Schumacher.

    This competition had its fair part of fame, but also of scandals. Since it was so appreciated, it soon turned into a successful business that brought billions of dollars for the commercial rights only. This issue and the technical regulations created a conflict between the Formula One Constructor’s Association and the Federation Internationale du Sport Automobile. For the sake of the competition, these two associations came to an agreement in 1981 called the Concorde Agreement.

    Thanks to the Concorde Agreement strict rules were able to be imposed to both the contestants and the constructors. Unfortunately fabulous drivers like, Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger passed away in terrible accidents, but the safety of the contestants became a primordial requirement in this competition. The FIA shifted its attention towards this issue even though the technical issues and the …

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